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With 21% of America owning crypto currencies and 4% now owning NFTs, people everywhere are choosing a decentralized internet full of possibilities. Metaplex Studios is bringing to life these possibilities for our growing community through our mission to be the world’s NFT Standard. Since our June 2021 launch, Metaplex is already one of the most popular platforms for makers to launch their NFTs storefronts to their communities.

2,600+ developer teams using Metaplex and #1 trending GitHub 15,000 instances of Metaplex's latest feature Candy Machine™ $1B in transaction volume over the last 30 days

Initally a Solana initative, we were spun out in order to better align with our goals of creating a best in class NFT creator experience. Because the Metaplex Protocol's architecture leverages Solana, Metaplex is faster and cheaper over other NFT platforms that are Ethereum based, like OpenSea. Selling and minting a NFT on Metaplex is ~$3 USDC vs ~$40 USDC on OpenSea. Further more, on Metaplex, the creator is the platform. Creators on Metaplex are able to direct their communities to their own branded storefront vs directing users to a shop page on an aggregator site, like OpenSea.

For background of Solana, please check out Solana's documentation.

How it started

Post early 2021 popularity of NFTs, many developers and creators craved a better and faster solution for managing their NFT projects that lived up to the potential of Web3 where creators can work directly with their communities without big tech and middleman unfairly profiting.

Naturally, the Solana blockchain, a layer one solution, was the best fit for the job—being faster and cheaper than many other blockchains.

Within Solana Labs, a skunkworks team emerged or really a two-person developer team, Bartosz and Jordon, who tasked themselves with getting the job done and took up residence at the Chicago Solana Hacker House.


June 2021 Metaplex GitHub launches! Key features include creating your own branded NFT storefront, minting NFTs and selling NFTs through auctions.

September 2021 Candy Machine™ launches! With 15,000 instances and counting, NFT projects love candy machines because it enables projects to mint and sell NFTs at scale and is especially popular for NFT collections and profile picture projects

October 2021 We're experiencing growing pains and are dedicated to stabilizing what we've released and improving performance. We also have a lot of net new that we're releasing soon. To stay connected, join the Metaplex Community Discord and/or sign up for our mailing list—scroll to the bottom of to enter your email.