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Why Metaplex?

The mission of Metaplex Studios and the Metaplex community is to create the world's NFT Protocol. Already, we're seeing massive adoption starting with the Solana ecosystem. Data points are NFT sales reached a $1B market cap in the last 30 days and we have thousands of developers and projects using the Metaplex Protocol.

Metaplex Current Advantages

  • It's 10x faster and cheaper to mint and sell NFTs than other popular alternatives ($3 USDC for Metaplex vs $40 for OpenSea). We're actively working to make Metaplex even faster and cheaper too and have a clear path forward to achieve this.
  • Diverse community: from creators to industry partners, we're seeing a lot of teams invent the future of media, gaming, music, art, events and more.
  • Funding your innovation: Through our Grants and Creator Fund programs, we're seeing the community drive towards building more smart contracts and tools for all.

Coming Soon

  • More documentation and support for your project. We're experiencing growing pains and a tenant of our community is to develop simple NFT resources for people everywhere to create their NFT project.
  • Customer experience updates including better performance and more ways to sell. Stay tuned!

Our Commitment to Decentralization

  • A lot of NFT platforms, storage solutions, and tools are not fully decentralized. Metaplex is doing the hard thing and designing all of our solutions to be decentralized as it's the vision for web3 that we and many others in our community share. To date, all five of our smart contracts are on chain and future updates are also planned in this fashion. Thanks to the Solana blockchain, which we leverage, we're able to do this and provide a great customer experience.
  • Beyond Solana, the future is multichain and we're very mindful of this as we make architecture decisions.