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Upload Methods

There are currently two upload (storage) methods available in Sugar: "bundlr" and "aws". Uploading in Sugar is designed as a Rust trait to make it easier to for new methods to be added. We plan to release a developer guide for how to do this so we can support a wide-variety of upload methods.


Uploads to Arweave using Bundlr Network and payments are made in SOL.

Note: Files are only stored for 7 days when uploaded with Bundlr on devnet.

Amazon (AWS) S3

Uploads files to Amazon S3 storage. When using the "aws", you need to specify the bucket name "awsS3Bucket" in the configuration file and set up the credentials in your system. In most cases, this will involve creating a file ~/.aws/credentials with the following properties:

aws_access_key_id=<ACCESS KEY ID>
aws_secret_access_key=<SECRET ACCESS KEY>

It is also important to set up the ACL permission of the bucket correctly to enable "public-read" and apply Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rules to enable content access requested from a different origin (necessary to enable wallets and blockchain explorers load the metadata/media files). More information about these configurations can be found at: