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Auction House Roadmap

Our roadmap is dynamic and we try to release features and fixes as they are ready but this board will give you a general sense of where we are heading with this Product. We have two places where you can see the work being done. The AuctionHouse work board and the AuctionHouse Roadmap board.

Work Board

This is the big list of bugs, features and ideas we are working through The AuctionHouse work board is located on Github here:

AuctionHouse work board

In general the items with the label "Committed" are things we as a team and community have decided we want to support, while there will be many more items here they will most likley be ideas and bug reports. Items with a "Discuss" label are things we are in active dialogue with the community about supporting. Items with a "Community" label are items that we would like to happen, but arent activley working on but would love a community member to pick up.

Roadmap Board

This is a curated list of things that we have commited to supporting or releasing. It lives here:

AuctionHouse Roadmap board

This board contains "Core Committed" items.