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Update the Candy Machine

Most configuration settings can be updated in a CMv2 with a single command, except:

  • number of items in the Candy Machine can only be updated when hiddenSettings are being used.

  • switching to use hiddenSettings is only possible if the number of items is equal to 0. After the switch, you will be able to update the number of items.

In case you require to change the number of items after creating a CMv2 without hiddenSettings, you can withdraw rent of your current CMv2 and then create a new one.


You need to be careful when updating a live Candy Machine, since setting a wrong value will immediately affect its functionality.

Update Settings

You will need to prepare a config file with the updated setting values. For example, if we want to change the mint price from the original value of 1 to 0.5 SOL and keep all other values unchanged, we would modify our config.json file to:

"price": 0.5,
"number": 10,
"gatekeeper": null,
"solTreasuryAccount": "<YOUR WALLET ADDRESS>",
"splTokenAccount": null,
"splToken": null,
"goLiveDate": "25 Dec 2021 00:00:00 GMT",
"endSettings": null,
"whitelistMintSettings": null,
"hiddenSettings": null,
"storage": "arweave",
"ipfsInfuraProjectId": null,
"ipfsInfuraSecret": null,
"awsS3Bucket": null,
"noRetainAuthority": false,
"noMutable": false

With the updated config file, we need to run the update_candy_machine command:

ts-node ~/deprecated-clis/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts update_candy_machine \
-e devnet \
-k ~/.config/solana/devnet.json \
-cp config.json \
-c example

If successful, the command will output the message with the update transaction confirmation:

update_candy_machine finished 2zT344ZjS5FSJFsZRYE7Yu7Fg9sBtDQESSzPv1kNGezP7Mx8vDbf8geDQGvC3iMdbfo2GWCdPrZbsq58ZwmQ8136

Update Authority

You can also update the authority of the Candy Machine, which is equivalent to giving away the control of the Candy Machine.

ts-node ~/deprecated-clis/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts update_candy_machine \
-e devnet \
-k ~/.config/solana/devnet.json \
-cp config.json \
-c example \
--new-authority 7idYCnwadSG8quKNr2qqtt2WVTGy8xwTF5uFvAuHyY1g

The command above transfers the authority of the Candy Machine to the wallet 7idYCnwadSG8quKNr2qqtt2WVTGy8xwTF5uFvAuHyY1g. After this point, only the owner of that wallet can operate the Candy Machine.


This operation is irreversible, once you change the authority of the Candy Machine, you will lose the right to operate it.

Show Settings

To verify your updates were successful, you can run the show command:

ts-node ~/deprecated-clis/src/candy-machine-v2-cli.ts show \
-e devnet \
-k ~/.config/solana/devnet.json \
-c example

This will get the candy machine settings and print them to the console.