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Candy Machine Errors


Candy Machine v1 has been deprecated. Creating a new instance of Candy Machine v1 is no longer possible. Please use Sugar: Candy Machine CLI instead.

Below is a list of potential errors you may encounter while operating an instance of a Candy Machine.

EnetunreachConnection ErrorCheck internet connection
Upload Loop ErrorError keeps loopingCheck your metadata for errors
Unexpected token or end of JSON inputError in the JSON fileUse the CLI method: verify_token_metadata
The term 'git' is not recognized as the name of a cmdletGit is not installedInstall git
The arweave-sol storage option only works on mainnet. For devnet, please use either arweave, aws or ipfsAdd the --storage arweave flag at the end of the command
Error: Non-base58 characterError in your JSON fileUse a valid address in your JSON file
429Rate Limited by your RPC end-pointUse a different RPC
Brackets [] when uploading assetsMultiple brackets with no contentRe-run your upload

Token MetadataDescription
0InstructionUnpackError: Failed to unpack instruction data
1InstructionPackError: Failed to pack instruction data
2NotRentExempt: Lamport balance below rent-exempt threshold
3AlreadyInitialized: Already initialized
4Uninitialized: Uninitialized
5InvalidMetadataKey: Metadata's key must match seed of ['metadata', program id, mint] provided
6InvalidEditionKey: Edition's key must match seed of ['metadata', program id, name, 'edition'] provided
7UpdateAuthorityIncorrect: Update Authority given does not match
8UpdateAuthorityIsNotSigner: Update Authority needs to be signer to update metadata
9NotMintAuthority: You must be the mint authority and signer on this transaction
AInvalidMintAuthority: Mint authority provided does not match the authority on the mint
BNameTooLong: Name too long
CSymbolTooLong: Symbol too long
DUriTooLong: URI too long
EUpdateAuthorityMustBeEqualToMetadataAuthorityAndSigner: Update authority must be equivalent to the metadata's authority and also signer of this transaction
FMintMismatch: Mint given does not match mint on Metadata
10EditionsMustHaveExactlyOneToken: Editions must have exactly one token
11MaxEditionsMintedAlready: Maximum editions printed already
12TokenMintToFailed: Token mint to failed
13MasterRecordMismatch: The master edition record passed must match the master record on the edition given
14DestinationMintMismatch: The destination account does not have the right mint
15EditionAlreadyMinted: An edition can only mint one of its kind!
16PrintingMintDecimalsShouldBeZero: Printing mint decimals should be zero
17OneTimePrintingAuthorizationMintDecimalsShouldBeZero: OneTimePrintingAuthorization mint decimals should be zero
18EditionMintDecimalsShouldBeZero: The decimal value on your Edition should be 0
19TokenBurnFailed: Token burn failed
1ATokenAccountOneTimeAuthMintMismatch: The One Time authorization mint does not match that on the token account!
1BDerivedKeyInvalid: Derived key invalid
1CPrintingMintMismatch: The Printing mint does not match that on the master edition!
1DOneTimePrintingAuthMintMismatch: The One Time Printing Auth mint does not match that on the master edition!
1ETokenAccountMintMismatch: The mint of the token account does not match the Printing mint!
1FTokenAccountMintMismatchV2: The mint of the token account does not match the master metadata mint!
20NotEnoughTokens: Not enough tokens to mint a limited edition
21PrintingMintAuthorizationAccountMismatch: The mint on your authorization token holding account does not match your printing mint!
22AuthorizationTokenAccountOwnerMismatch: The authorization token account has a different owner than the update authority for the master edition!
23Disabled: This feature is currently disabled.
24CreatorsTooLong: Creators list too long
25CreatorsMustBeAtleastOne: Creators must be at least one if set
26MustBeOneOfCreators: If using a creators array, you must be one of the creators listed
27NoCreatorsPresentOnMetadata: This metadata does not have creators
28CreatorNotFound: This creator address was not found
29InvalidBasisPoints: Basis points cannot be more than 10000
2APrimarySaleCanOnlyBeFlippedToTrue: Primary sale can only be flipped to true and is immutable
2BOwnerMismatch: Owner does not match that on the account given
2CNoBalanceInAccountForAuthorization: This account has no tokens to be used for authorization"
2DShareTotalMustBe100: Share total must equal 100 for creator array
2EReservationExists: This reservation list already exists!
2FReservationDoesNotExist: This reservation list does not exist!
30ReservationNotSet: This reservation list exists but was never set with reservations
31ReservationAlreadyMade: This reservation list has already been set!
32BeyondMaxAddressSize: Provided more addresses than max allowed in single reservation"
33NumericalOverflowError: NumericalOverflowError
34ReservationBreachesMaximumSupply: This reservation would go beyond the maximum supply of the master edition
35AddressNotInReservation: Address not in reservation!
36CannotVerifyAnotherCreator: You cannot unilaterally verify another creator, they must sign"
37CannotUnverifyAnotherCreator: You cannot unilaterally unverify another creator
38SpotMismatch: In initial reservation setting, spots remaining should equal total spots
39IncorrectOwner: Incorrect account owner
3APrintingWouldBreachMaximumSupply: printing these tokens would breach the maximum supply limit of the master edition
3BDataIsImmutable: Data is immutable
3CDuplicateCreatorAddress: No duplicate creator addresses
3DReservationSpotsRemainingShouldMatchTotalSpotsAtStart: Reservation spots remaining should match total spots when first being created
3EInvalidTokenProgram: Invalid token program
3FDataTypeMismatch: Data type mismatch
40BeyondAlottedAddressSize: Beyond allotted address size in reservation!
41ReservationNotComplete: The reservation has only been partially allotted
42TriedToReplaceAnExistingReservation: You cannot splice over an existing reservation!
43InvalidOperation: Invalid operation
44InvalidOwner: Invalid Owner
45PrintingMintSupplyMustBeZeroForConversion: Printing mint supply must be zero for conversion
46OneTimeAuthMintSupplyMustBeZeroForConversion: One Time Auth mint supply must be zero for conversion
47InvalidEditionIndex: You tried to insert one edition too many into an edition mark pda
48ReservationArrayShouldBeSizeOne: In the legacy system the reservation needs to be of size one for cpu limit reasons