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Update Candy Machine


Candy Machine v1 has been deprecated. Creating a new instance of Candy Machine v1 is no longer possible. Please use Sugar: Candy Machine CLI instead.

To update an existing CMv1, type

ts-node ~/metaplex-foundation/metaplex/js/packages/cli/src/candy-machine-v1-cli.ts \
update_candy_machine \
--env mainnet-beta \
--keypair ~/.config/solana/wallet.json \
-p 1 \
--date "10 Jan 2022 00:00:00 GMT"

Your keypair might have a different name, but it always ends with the .json extension. The -p at the end stands for price.

Make sure the --date option is set to when you want your mint to begin. Setting the date in the past will allow anyone to mint your NFTs.

Your result should look like:

wallet public key: <public key>
- updated startDate timestamp: <timestamp>
- updated price: <price>
update_candy_machine finished <transaction_id>

You can look up your transaction id by going to the Solana Explorer. Once there, paste in your <transaction_id> into the search bar.