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Create Fair Launch

  • -e, --env: Solana cluster env name.
  • -k, --keypair: Solana wallet location.
  • -u, --uuid: 6 character alphanumeric string (must be unique relative to your keypair)
  • -f, --fee: The fee that every person has to pay.
  • -s, --price-range-start: Minimum price accepted for bidding.
  • -pe, --price-range-end: Maximum price accepted for bidding.
  • -pos, --phase-one-start-date: Phase 1 starting date.
  • -poe, --phase-one-end-date: Phase 1 ending date.
  • -pte, --phase-two-end-date: Phase 2 ending date.
  • -n, --number-of-tokens: Number of tokens to sell.
  • -ts, --tick-size: Tick size.
  • -ld, --lottery-duration: Duration of lottery.
  • -arbp, --anti-rug-reserve-bp: Anti-rug treasury reserve, the percent of the treasury that will be locked to pay refunds (50% = 5000) .
  • -atc, --anti-rug-token-requirement: Anti-rug token requirement, when the total remaining tokens is equal or lower than this number, the treasury will be unlocked and not more refunds will be issued.
  • -sd, --self-destruct-date: Anti-rug self-destruct date, if the NFTs were not provided by this date the users can start getting refunds.

You can create Fair Launch by running this command:

ts-node ~/metaplex-foundation/deprecated-clis/src/fair-launch-cli.ts new_fair_launch --env devnet --keypair ~/.config/solana/devnet.json --uuid "devnet" --fee 0.1 --price-range-start 0.1 --price-range-end 0.5 --phase-one-start-date "16 Dec 2021 11:30:00 UTC" --phase-one-end-date "16 Dec 2021 12:00:00 UTC" --phase-two-end-date "16 Dec 2021 12:30:00 UTC" --number-of-tokens 11 --tick-size 0.1 --lottery-duration 80000

expected output:

create fair launch Done: FPnv9xr4r7vMNNBgvLVzLsvmQFYh1YmhuRWRGdRFecmb