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GitHub Pages

Primarily you need to specify your repo in js/packages/web/package.json file

Pay attention to these two lines:

"deploy:gh": "yarn export && gh-pages -d ../../build/web --repo -t true",
"deploy": "ASSET_PREFIX=/metaplex/ yarn build && yarn deploy:gh",

There are 2 things to change:

  • specify your repo URL instead of (for example,
  • set ASSET_PREFIX to repo name (for example, ASSET_PREFIX=/my-metaplex/)

After that, the lines will look like this:

"deploy:gh": "yarn export && gh-pages -d ../../build/web --repo -t true",
"deploy": "ASSET_PREFIX=/my-metaplex/ yarn build && yarn deploy:gh",

Add the file _config.yml to the root directory add to this file:

lsi: false
safe: true
source: js/packages/web
incremental: false
highlighter: rouge
noscript: false
math_engine: mathjax
syntax_highlighter: rouge

Please check that you select gh-pages branch in source on the GitHub Pages tab (current repository)

And after that, you can publish the Metaplex app to GitHub Pages by the following commands:

cd js/packages/web
yarn deploy

GitHub Pages with a custom domain

If you have a custom domain linked to the GitHub Pages in your repo, then the instructions are the same as above, but your need to remove ASSET_PREFIX from the deploy script:

"deploy:gh": "yarn export && gh-pages -d ../../build/web --repo -t true"
"deploy": "yarn build && yarn deploy:gh",

Prepare GitHub pages for deploying - select branch in repository then continue:

Init store

The publishing commands are the same:

cd js/packages/web
yarn deploy


To publish the Metaplex app to Vercel, you first need to visit and create a new project linked to your GitHub repo.

After that, configure this project with the following settings:

  • Framework: Next.js
  • Root directory: js
  • Output directory: packages/web/.next

One last thing: specify REACT_APP_STORE_OWNER_ADDRESS_ADDRESS in the Environment Variables section

Init store