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Init store

Setting Up the Store ID

When opening a store for the first time you will be asked to connect your wallet. Click the Connect button and follow the steps to get connected.

Once connected, the store will first run some checks to see if you've already set up a store. After a minute or so, a welcome screen is presented with an Init Store button.

Init store

From the wallet dropdown (Phantom pictured below), select a network (mainnet for production, testnet or devnet for practice).

Select network


Before proceeding, you must have some SOL on your wallet to be able to pay the Init Store transaction fee. In the case of using devnet or testnet you can airdrop SOL to yourself via Sol Faucet.

Click the Init Store button. This starts the store initialization process by prompting you to approve a transaction from your wallet. After approval, your store initialization begins which may take 1-2 minutes.

Approve transaction

After store initialization completes, you must save your new store addresses. In the Store configuration section on the store page click on the Copy button and paste in the .env file in js/packages/web.

Save env

Set env

Now restart your webserver (Ctrl + C + yarn start) for the .env changes to take effect.