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Configuration Values

This section is a reference to all of the values in the Sugar configuration file (default: config.json).

SettingOptionsAccepted ValuesDescription
priceNumberThe amount in SOL or SPL token for a mint
numberIntegerThe number of items in the Candy Machine
gatekeeperEnables captcha verification for users prior to minting
gatekeeperNetworkAddressGateway provider address
expireOnUsebooleanRequires a new gateway challenge after a use
solTreasuryAccountPublicKeySOL wallet to receive proceedings SOL payments
splTokenAccountPublicKeySPL token wallet to receive proceedings from SPL token payments; set to null to use the default token account for your wallet
splTokenPublicKeyMint address of the token accepted as payment
goLiveDateDatetimeRFC 3339 standard timestamp when minting is allowed – the Candy Machine authority and whitelists can bypass this constraint
endSettingTypeStringEither "Date" or "Amount" to stop minting after a specific timestamp or a specific number of NFTs minted
dateStringValue to test the end condition. This is an ISO8601 formatted date string.
numberNumberValue to test the end condition. This is integer value for number of NFTs
modeString"burnEveryTime" to burn the whitelist token after minting, and "neverBurn" to return whitelist token to holder after mint.
mintPublicKeyMint address of the whitelist token
presalebooleanIndicates whether whitelist token holders can mint before goLiveDate (presale)
discountPriceNumberPrice for whitelist token holders
nameStringName of the mint. The number of the mint will be appended to the name
uriStringSingle URI to all mints
hashString32 character hash – in most cases this is the hash of the cache file with the mapping between mint number and metadata so that the order can be verified when the mint is complete
freezeTimenumberThe time in seconds to keep freeze enabled. Max value of 30 x 86400
uploadMethodStorage type to upload images and metadata
“aws”Uploads to AWS (must specify AWS Bucket name)
bundlr”Uploads to arweave using Bundlr and payments are made in SOL (Works on mainnet and devnet. Files are only stored for 7 days on devnet.)
“pinata”Uploads to Pinata (works on all networks, free and tiered subscriptions)
“nft-storage”Uploads to NFT.Storage (no payment required, works on all networks)
“shdw”Uploads to the GenesysGo Shadow Drive (Only works on mainnet currently)
bucketStringAWS bucket name
profileStringAWS profile to use from the credentials file name
directoryStringThe directory within the bucket to upload the items to. An empty string means uploading files to the bucket root directory. name
nftStorageAuthTokenString(optional) NFT.Storage API Key
JWTStringJWT authentication token
apiGatewayStringURL to connect to Pinata API
apiContentStringURL to use as the base for creating the asset links
parallelLimitnumberNumber of concurrent uploads; use this setting to avoid rate limits
shadowStorageAccountString(optional) Shadow Drive storage pubkey
retainAuthoritybooleanIndicates whether the candy machine authority has the update authority for each mint or if it is transferred to the minter. This should be kept as true for the vast majority of cases.
isMutablebooleanIndicates whether the NFTs' metadata is mutable or not after having been minted. Most cases should leave this true
tokenStandardstringWhether the candy machine should mint "normal" or "programmable" NFTS: "nft" or "pnft". Default: "nft".
ruleSetPublicKeyThe rule set to apply to minmted pNFTs, if any. Default: null.