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How to burn NFTs

What is burning?

Completely destroying a Token/NFT is called burning. Burning will destroy the whole token and close the corresponding accounts. This results in

  • The NFT being eliminated from the blockchain
  • while the transactions around it obviously remain in the blockchain history
  • giving you back some SOL that was reserved for account rent

How to burn...

To burn NFTs different instructions can be run depending on which kind of NFTs you are using. You can not just burn it like a SPL token. This would not close all the token accounts required. Normal NFTs can be burned through the BurnNft instruction, Editions Prints require a different instruction called BurnEditionNft instruction. There are multiple options for you how to burn NFTs as a user or programmatically as a developer:

... as a user?

  • Websites: there are web based tools created by the community which allow you to connect your wallet and burn NFTs like
  • Wallets: Some wallets like Solflare allow you to directly burn a NFT in your wallet by choosing the NFT and clicking something like close
  • Metaboss: Metaboss is a CLI tool primarily targeted at developers which has a burn function. You can either burn a single NFT or burn a list of NFTs. Assumed that you have metaboss installed already you just have to run the following command where <OWNER_KEYPAIR> is the path to your filesystem wallet and <MINT_ACCOUNT> the NFTs address: metaboss burn one -k <OWNER_KEYPAIR> --account <MINT_ACCOUNT>

... as a developer?

  • JS SDK: The @metaplex-foundation/js SDK has a delete() function which can currently burn NFTs and soon also Editions. A simple NFT can burned like like shown in the following example. Depending on some conditions, like if it is part of a sized collection some additional parameters have to be used. delete() detects if it needs to burn a standard NFT or Edition Print.
import { Metaplex } from "@metaplex-foundation/js";
import { clusterApiUrl, Connection, PublicKey } from "@solana/web3.js";
const connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl("devnet"));
const mx = Metaplex.make(connection);
const mintAddress = new PublicKey(address);
const parameters = {
mintAddress : mintAddress
await mx.nfts().delete(parameters);