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A Front End Minting Experience


This guide is for Candy Machine v2. If you create a Candy Machine v3 follow the v3 guide instead!

This guide assumes you have already uploaded and deployed your Candy Machine. If you haven't yet done this, check out Sugar CLI to get started!

While the Candy Machine is ready to mint after being deployed, in most cases you will want to provide a front end experience to allow your community the chance to mint, too.

You can use the Candy Machine UI, which is in the metaplex-foundation/candy-machine-ui repository.

To download, run

git clone ~/candy-machine-ui/

Setting up

Open the file .env.example located at the root of the new folder ~/candy-machine-ui and modify the following:

  • Set the value of REACT_APP_CANDY_MACHINE_ID to match the ID of your Candy Machine. The ID was in the output of the sugar deploy command and can also be found by running sugar show in the same directory that you made your Candy Machine in.

  • Specify the intended network you wish to use. In this example we are using the devnet:


  • Once your REACT_APP_CANDY_MACHINE_ID has been updated. Rename .env.example to .env


The public RPC endpoints ( and are not suitable for Candy Machine mints and may cause significant issues to your minting site. We strongly recommend that you use a custom RPC endpoint for your mint. You can find more information about the custom RPC solutions in the RPC section of our community docs.

After these changes are made, run the command yarn install && yarn start inside the folder ~/metaplex/js/packages/candy-machine-ui. This will start a local server with a front end experience. From here, you should customize the mint page and deploy it in your host service.


We strongly recommend that you keep the standard implementation for the mint button functionality when using captcha (gatekeeper) settings. This will guarantee that the captcha tokens are issued at the correct time (e.g., after the mint begins). The CMv2 is designed to reject captcha tokens that are created before the mint is live to avoid bots pre-solving captchas - your transaction will fail if the token is created at the wrong time.

User Interface

The UI supports all different configurations of your Candy Machine v2, including whitelist (presale + discount) and end settingse.g., it automatically adapts the UI components depending on whether the whitelist token is detected or not, discount for whitelist users is set and displays a countdown to the end of mint when end settings "date"=true is used.

Default Mint

Before goLiveDate is reached:

Mint Countdown

When mint is live:

Mint Live

Whitelist Mint

Whitelist token not detected, mint is not active before goLiveDate:

Whitelist + No Token

Whitelist token detected and whitelist settings set to presale and discount price:

Whitelist Presale + Discount

Whitelist only mint:

Whitelist Only

Whitelist + presale and goLiveDate set to null:

Whitelist + No Token

End Settings Mint

Countdown to the end of the mint:

End Settings

End settings date reached, mint stopped:

End Settings Complete