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Metaplex Products

Below is a list of our Products and their stability levels. For more information on our Product stability levels please see Stability Index.

Product NameStability Level
Token Metadata2 (Stable)
Auction House2 (Stable)
Auctions2 (Stable)
Candy Machine v10 (Deprecated)
Candy Machine v22 (Stable)
Sugar1 (Experimental)
Fair Launch0 (Deprecated)
Token Entangler1 (Experimental)
Fireball1 (Experimental)
Fusion1 (Experimental)
NFT Packs1 (Experimental)
Gum Drop1 (Experimental)
Membership Token Sale1 (Experimental)

Rust Crates

Below is a list of some of our official Rust crates.

Token Metadatampl-token-metadataCrate
Candy Machinempl-candy-machineCrate
Auction Housempl-auction-houseCrate

Autogenerated Libraries

Below is a list of the matching autogenerated NPM packages.

Token Metadata@metaplex-foundation/mpl-token-metadataCrate
Candy Machine@metaplex-foundation/mpl-candy-machineCrate
Auction House@metaplex-foundation/mpl-auction-houseCrate