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The Timed Auction Auctioneer is an Auctioneer implementation that adds English-style auction rules built on top of Auction House.

Listing Config

The listing config struct is used to store all feature-related parameters attached to each listing. All features can be configured on a per-listing basis.


  • English Auction with start and end dates
  • Highest bid tracking
  • Reserve price (Minimum Bid)
  • Minimum Bid Increment - Require new bidders to bid a certain amount more than the current bid
  • Automatic Time Extension - Bids made close to the end of an auction (this period is customizable) will extend the auction end date a configurable amount
  • Prevent Highest Bidder cancellation - The highest bidder won't be able to cancel their bid and are required to purchase the NFT if they win*

*Due to Auction House's escrowless nature, it is unable to prevent users from transferring listed tokens from their wallets and nullifying their bids at this time.