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Getting Started

The Auction House is a Solana program running on Mainnet Beta and Devnet. While you may interact with it like any other Solana program by sending transactions to a Solana node, Metaplex has built some tools to make working with it much easier. We have a CLI tool that will let you manage your auction house and a JS SDK to help you kick-start a user interface.


JavaScript SDK

The JS SDK provides an easy-to-use API to web developers to create and configure one's own Auction House. The SDK also allows developers to perform complicated procedures like bidding, listing, withdrawing funds from the Auction House treasury and fee accounts, and much more.

The main module that interacts with the Auction House program is the Auction House module. This module contains several methods that make the process of making marketplaces painless. You may access this client via the auctionHouse() method of your Metaplex instance.

const auctionHouseClient = metaplex.auctionHouse();


Here are some of the useful methods provided by the SDK:

// Creating and updating the Auction House

// Trading on Auction House

// Cancelling a bid or listing

// Finding bids, listings and purchases

There are also other methods that already exist in the Auction House module, and more methods will be added in the future. The README of the Auction House module will be updated with a detailed documentation of all these methods very soon.

Helpful links:

Swift SDK

Coming soon.

Kotlin SDK

Coming soon.

Program Libraries

Program Libraries are auto-generated from the Program’s IDL using Solita. Whilst they require you to understand Solana programs and wire your own instructions, they have the advantage of immediately using the latest features when SDKs might take a bit longer to implement them.

JavaScript Program Libraries

This is a lower level, auto-generated JavaScript library, which gets generated whenever the Auction House program (written in Rust) gets updated.

Therefore, this library is intended for advanced developers who wish to interact with the program by preparing instructions and sending transactions directly.

Helpful links:

Swift Program Libraries

Coming soon.

Kotlin Program Libraries

Coming soon.

Rust Crates

If you are developing in Rust, you can also use the Rust crates to interact with Metaplex’s programs. Since our programs are written in Rust, theses crates should contain everything you need to parse accounts and build instructions.

This can be helpful when developing Rust clients but also when making CPI calls to Metaplex programs within your own program.

Helpful links: