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How to manage Auction House using CLI


  • ts-node
  • git
  • yarn


In order to get started with the Auction House CLI please follow these steps.

git clone
cd auction-house/cli

Note: By default you will be using the latest code on the tip of the main branch.


cd js && yarn install && yarn bootstrap
cd src

Once you have cloned the repo and installed packages, make sure you have a local Keypair setup. If you need help with that see these guides.

Running Commands

To run commands you will use ts-node auction-house-cli.ts


ts-node auction-house-cli.ts
Usage: auction-house-cli [options] [command]

-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

show_escrow [options]
withdraw [options]
sell [options]
withdraw_from_treasury [options]
withdraw_from_fees [options]
cancel [options]
execute_sale [options]
buy [options]
deposit [options]
show [options]
create_auction_house [options]
update_auction_house [options]
help [command] display help for command


Creates an Auction House

See the command help with

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts help create_auction_house

Find your current Keypair, lets say it lives at ~/mywallet.key or on Windows C:\Users\windowsuser\mywallet.key. To create an Auction House you will run.

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts create_auction_house --keypair ~/mywallet.key -e devnet -sfbp 1000 -ccsp false -rso false

In this case we don't need to require sign-off because we want to make a fully decentralized auction house. Since we did not specify -tm, --treasury-mint <string> The currency for payment will be SOL. Also, the options below will default to being set as the public key of ~/mywallet.key

-twd, --treasury-withdrawal-destination <string>
-fwd, --fee-withdrawal-destination <string>

If all goes well you will see

wallet public key: Gsv13oph2i6nkJvNkVfuzkcbHWchz6viUtEg2vsxQMtM
No treasury withdrawal dest detected, using keypair
No fee withdrawal dest detected, using keypair
No treasury mint detected, using SOL.
Created auction house HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS <--- Your auction house key will be different

Save this key HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS since it is the public key of the solana account that holds your Auction House. In all subsequent commands you will pass this key with the -ah option.


Prints the balances of the fee and treasury wallets configured for the auction house and its current settings options.

See the command help with

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts help show

Notice I switched --keypair for -k this is shorthand but works just the same.

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts show -k ~/mywallet.key -ah HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS

The output will differ but similar to the following.

No treasury mint detected, using SOL.
Auction House: HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS
Mint: So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112
Authority: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Creator: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Fee Payer Acct: AcWpR41NPMq73FZUspCiXxoLrJnW7zytgHKY5xqtETkU
Treasury Acct: HFW5CY73qN3XK3qEP7ZFxbpBBkQtipPfPQzaDj3mbbY1
Fee Payer Withdrawal Acct: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Treasury Withdrawal Acct: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Fee Payer Bal: 0
Treasury Bal: 0
Seller Fee Basis Points: 1000
Requires Sign Off: false
Can Change Sale Price: false
AH Bump: 255
AH Fee Bump: 252
AH Treasury Bump: 254

Fee Account

In the above Show command you see a Fee Payer account. This account can be used to pay the fees on chain for sales execution, transfers and account creation. For this exercise we will teach you how to fund that account by airdropping some SOL on devnet. Your Auction House fee account is used only when the Auction House authority is signing the transaction. This is usually only in the case of Requires Sign Off

$ solana airdrop 2 AcWpR41NPMq73FZUspCiXxoLrJnW7zytgHKY5xqtETkU
Requesting airdrop of 2 SOL
Signature: 4qYFoD8GN6TZLDjLsqyyt6mhjYEjwKF36LJCDLtL88nTD3y3bFzXmVFHP6Nczf5Dn4GnmBJYtbqV9tN2WbsYynpX

The solana airdrop command is sometimes unreliable. If the command doesn't work, you can use the airdrop tool at


Place and NFT UP for sale.

See the command help with

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts help sell

Place an NFT for sale by its mint address with the auction house for 1 SOL.

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts sell \
-k ~/mywallet.key \
-ah HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS \
--buy-price 1 \
--mint F7fejo7cT1fRyJxj1W2aWy3aeJz8iqLU9YvbBAzwJGh2 \
--token-size 1


wallet public key: CCJC2s8FDGAs8GqmngE9gviusEuNnkdUwchcYMZ8ZmHB
wallet public key: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Set 1 F7fejo7cT1fRyJxj1W2aWy3aeJz8iqLU9YvbBAzwJGh2 for sale for 1 from your account with Auction House Ee53kiwLVw5XG98gSLNHoQRi4J22XEhz3zsKYY2ttsb7

Require Sign-off

If the auction house is set up to require sign off its wallet, as well as the seller are provided to the command. Do this using the -ak option.

See the command help with

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts help sell

In a production scenario where the keypair for the auction house is stored on a sever managed by the organization hosting the auction house the transaction should be partially signed by the seller from the client then passed to the server for signing by the auction house before submitting to Solana.


Place an offer on an NFT by its mint address at some price in SOL when using native SOL as the mint.

See the command help with

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts help buy

The buy command is an offer on the NFT and will not result in a sale until the execute_sale action is triggered. This command offers 2 SOL for the NFT.

ts-node auction-house-cli.ts buy \
-k ~/mywallet.key \
-ah HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS \
--buy-price 2 \
--token-size 1 \
--mint 7v8kcqCHLih31bp2xwMojGWTMdrcFfzZsYXNbiLiRYgE
wallet public key: 3DikCrEsfAVHv9rXENg2Hdmc16L71EjveQEF4NbSfRak
wallet public key: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Made offer for 2

Execute Sale

Sell an NFT to a buyer at the price set by the seller. Note that this currently requires the auction house authority, the buyer, or the seller to be the fee payer and thus sign the transaction.


In a future version of the Auction House, this action will become permissionless, meaning anyone will be able to call this instruction with two matching (price must match) orders (bid/sell). This will allow your UI to execute the sale once an order matches on the client side or have a backend process or bot finish the process.

$ ts-node auction-house-cli.ts execute_sale
-k ~/mywallet.key \
-ah HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS \
--buy-price 2 \
--mint DCqt9QQ3ot3qv53EhWrYAWFuh4XgSvFJvLRjgsDnhLTp \
--buyer-wallet 3DikCrEsfAVHv9rXENg2Hdmc16L71EjveQEF4NbSfRak \
--seller-wallet CCJC2s8FDGAs8GqmngE9gviusEuNnkdUwchcYMZ8ZmHB \
--token-size 1
wallet public key: CCJC2s8FDGAs8GqmngE9gviusEuNnkdUwchcYMZ8ZmHB
wallet public key: DCDcpZaJUghstQNMHy9VAPnwQe1cGsHq7fbeqkti4kM3
Accepted 1 DCqt9QQ3ot3qv53EhWrYAWFuh4XgSvFJvLRjgsDnhLTp sale from wallet CCJC2s8FDGAs8GqmngE9gviusEuNnkdUwchcYMZ8ZmHB to 3DikCrEsfAVHv9rXENg2Hdmc16L71EjveQEF4NbSfRak for 2 from your account with Auction House HsKwc8dQtm8KLxshw67dwsNePkH6wMXo5Lwn1FuKjVYVS

Other Actions

Other actions are documented in the CLI and can be found using the help and <command> help subcommand:

  • Cancel - Potential buyer revokes their offer.

  • Show Escrow - Print out the balance of an auction house escrow account for a given wallet.

  • Withdraw - Transfer funds from user's buyer escrow account for the auction house to their wallet.

  • Deposit - Add funds to user's buyer escrow account for the auction house.

  • Withdraw from Fee - Transfer funds from auction house fee wallet to the auction house authority.

  • Withdraw from Treasury - Transfer funds from the auction house treasury wallet to the auction house authority.

  • Update Auction House - Update any of the auction house settings including its authority or seller fee.