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Metaplex's Fixed-Price Sale program is a Solana program for brands to create membership NFTs that they can distribute to a large audience. This NFT can be used for gating access to certain things (games, events, launches, etc.) at a future date. Like its name, all NFTs from the program are sold at a fixed price by minting print editions from a single master edition NFT. As a result, all the NFTs will have the same metadata (apart from the edition number).

The Fixed-Price Sale program also supports gating by collection. So, creators can gate sales by collection NFT, meaning that only holders of an on-chain collection are able to purchase NFTs. You can also have multiple stages of the sale: gated and not gated. For example, you can create a market with total duration of 5 hours with the first 3 being gated, so only holders can can buy an NFT.

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