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Quick Start

Set up your Solana CLI config with an RPC url and a keypair:

solana config set --url <rpc url> --keypair <path to keypair file>

Sugar will then use these settings by default if you don't specify them as CLI options, allowing commands to be much simpler. If you need help setting up Solana CLI and creating a devnet wallet, check the CLI Wallet Guide.

Create a folder named assets to store your json and media file pairs with the naming convention 0.json, 0.png, 1.json, 1.png, etc., where the extension is .json, .png, .jpg, etc. This is the same format described in Preparing your Assets.

You can then use the launch command to start an interactive process to create your config file and deploy a Candy Machine to Solana:

sugar launch

At the end of the execution of the launch command, the Candy Machine will be deployed on-chain.

Feel free to check out our Candy Machine Minting UI guide for help with setting up a minting website.